Mike Westkamper mjwestkamper at
Tue Feb 23 00:42:22 GMT 1999

I am trying to set up a Linux box as a Domain Controller and file /
print server with a bunch of win95/NT systems. There will be about 60
clients and about 45gb on the server to start. I am replacing an OS/2

I have tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to get the 95/NT systems to work as
clients to the Linux box.  The Linux is RedHat 5.2 with the "latest"
samba, as of a week ago. The NT system see the Linux box, however cannot
seem to browse it nor can I force a manual USE.

Much of what I see here pretty focused on some pretty detailed stuff. Is
there a "Set it up this way and it will run" document around? If I
cannot set it up as a DC then a Workgroup is fine. I just need the file
store and printers.


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