User with a BLANK password

Giulio giuliox at
Mon Feb 22 10:57:46 GMT 1999

1- NT4sbs4.5b2 (PDC, no plaintext registry hack, no guest allowed)
2- Linux 2.0.33 libc5, samba 2.0.2 (security=domain, it has 1 as password server and
reached its domain ok, no smbpasswd file, domain auth)
3- Linux 2.0.33 libc5, samba 2.0.2 (security=share)

On the NT4PDC I have a user, "myuser" with a BLANK password; there is a share available to

>From 3, as "myuser" connecting to a 1's share:
smbclient '\\1\share' -U myuser -N
and I get access (with BLANK password), nt4 shows the user "myuser" as connected.

>From 3, as "myuser" connecting to a 2's share:
smbclient '\\2\share' -U myuser -N
session setup failed: ERRSRV - ERRbadpw (Bad password - name/password pair in a
Tree Connect or Session Setup are invalid.)

If on nt4 I change the password for the myuser user from BLANK to something (not blank)
then Samba authenticates the myuser user ok.

>From 3, as "myuser" connecting to a 2's share:
smbclient '\\2\share' password -U myuser 
<I get smb login>

Why does Samba doesn't accept BLANK passwords?

The same is true If I switch from domain to user security; On 2 I create the smbpasswd
entry for user myuser, when asked for the password I simply press ENTER twice; smbpasswd
tell me it updated the password; but then user myuser cannot login; whereas if I change
its passwd to "not blank" then is ok.


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