Simple question

Christopher Robert Woods chris at
Sat Feb 20 05:26:40 GMT 1999

Ok, this should be easy enough for someone to answer.  
Appreciate any feedback.

I have been bangin' my head for weeks trying to setup my simple 2 
machine network.  This is what I want:

linux machine 
name: LINUX  (host & netbios)
kernel ver: 2.2.0
samba ver: samba 2.0.2-19990209 

I want that machine to be the PDC for the Domain - WOODS.

I also have a Win '95 machine that I want to be a domain member 
using user level security and use the nexus admin toolset (win '95 
version of NT's Server Manager, User Manager for Domains, etc)

What document should I look at for as straightforward a description 
as possible to help me setup what I want.  THANKS!

Chris Woods - MCSE
chris at

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