setting "User cannot change password"

Bill Nugent whn at
Sat Feb 20 02:37:20 GMT 1999

I haven't tried this yet but I came across this...

Run the policy editor poledit.exe (see Samba NT domain FAQ 5.1 for 
directions on how to get it),  under File pull down menu, select Open 
Registry, then double click on Local User, open up Windows NT System and 
you'll see a check box for "Disable Change Password" - check it.

I'm sure there is a way to do it with regedt32.exe or some such but heck 
if I know where in there it is!  :-)

Hope this helps!


On Saturday, Feb 20 1999 at 12:31:52, Mick Haigh wrote:

>Hmm - seems I forgot to turn off my vCard - twice :(
>Anyway - my last post said - is there a flag that I can set in a
>password entry that will prevent a user from changing his/her password
>from NT??
>I had a look throught the archives but couldn't find anything.

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