2.0.2 SID problem?

Werner Gaubatz Werner_Gaubatz at physik.tu-muenchen.de
Fri Feb 19 19:47:05 GMT 1999

Andy Bakun wrote: 

> In Control Panel | System | User Profiles, Adminstrator accounts have
> the ability to "copy" a profile.  Could this make it easier to do this,
> rather than having to use regedt32?
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I'v had no success to read this profile again as a normal user 
in a first trial step. The access infomation is stored in the
NTUSER.DAT file. Somehow you have to get the information, who might 
read this profile into this file. 

Once i found the legthy and somwhat difficult solution for my 10 or 12 
users, i used it and did'nt spend more time with control panel to 
copy a profile. So i don't know, who get's access to this new profile. 

Maybe control panel is easier..... you'll have to try how to get in 
the access rights for the users. 

As far as i understood this NT bussiness, regedt32 was the only way.

Werner Gaubatz 

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