2.0.2 SID problem?

Chad Campbell Chad.Campbell at innovision.com
Fri Feb 19 16:26:00 GMT 1999

> it's all very painful and i'm sorry about it, but what are you doing using
> 2.0 and/or 2.0.2 as a PDC?  (lord help us all with pre-alpha code,
> microsoft is going to put that damn KB article advising people not to use
> samba after all...)
I know, I know - it's this thing called a "Corporate Initiative (TM),"
and it's main goal is both to get rid of NT as a server and to make thin
clients out of our NT workstations.  It started in August back when PDC
support was (at least by my understanding) slated for 2.0.  By December,
when I realized 2.0 was not going to have stable PDC support, it was too
late to hold off on the project, so we went with the alpha code anyway. 
The good news is that we've only needed some minor workarounds related
to the lack of NT group support.  The SID problem is the only big
problem so far.  However, even if we don't go with the fixes given on
the list, we have the capability to reload NT and all apps on every
machine in about 30 minutes with new profiles.  So don't waste too much
time helping us out on this - and thanks for all the help so far.


Chad Campbell
Software Engineer, Innovision Corporation
Chad.Campbell at innovision.com

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