smb authentication for apache

Jan van Rensburg jan.van.rensburg at
Fri Feb 19 14:07:04 GMT 1999

hi there,
has anybody figured out a way to let apache 1.3.x authenticate against a
NT4SP4 server? i compiled apache with the mod_auth_pam module, and installed
pam_smb module by Dave Airlie but i can't get it work. i know the pam_smb
modlule must work, because i could make it work with telnet.

out of my httpd.conf:
AuthType Basic
AuthName "web site"
require group some_unix_group
AuthUserFile /etc/passwd

i've tried various permutations with /etc/pam.d/httpd, at the moment i have:
auth		required	/lib/security/
account	required	/lib/security/
password	required	/lib/security/

if i do a tcpdump it looks like the apache server talks to the NT server,
and there's even a success audit in the NT event log.

any ideas appreciated.

--jan van rensburg 

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