how to save win profiles only on server?

Pedro Miguel Frazao Fernandes Ferreira pfrazao at
Fri Feb 19 12:38:04 GMT 1999

MarcVJ wrote:
> Is it possible to tell Samba/Windows to save user profiles only on the
> server and not to back it up locally?
> If yes , how????

	Yes, it is possible. Use the system policies editor (NT software),
create a new policy. There is a setting in Default Computer or Default
User which allows you to enable deletion of cached copies of roaming
profiles. Save the policy file with the name ntconfig.pol and place it
in your [netlogon] share. Go to the workstations, Control Panel,
Services and start the Directory Replicator Service. Don't forget to set
it for Automatic startup. Go to Control Panel (you should be there),
Server and under Replication, enable Import Directories. Et voila, this
should do it.
	Probably there should be a registry key that you could simply modify,
without the need for these policies stuff. I dont know which key. Maybe
you will find these policies usefull for other purposes, but have some
caution with some settings (you can get a lot of headaches with this
	I am assuming your samba is a PDC. Hope this helps.

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