User level security in Win98

Matt Chapman m.chapman at
Thu Feb 18 09:34:47 GMT 1999

Bas.Kelderman at wrote:

> I'm running Samba 2.0.2 on a RedHat 5.2 - 2.0.36 box and there are some
> Win98 machines connected to it. At the moment the Samba box is
> authenticating 'domain' logons and all seems to be runnig well. I just
> tried to setup the Windows boxes to use user level security instead of
> share lavel security but then the windows box couldn't find any users.
> Is there any way in which this will work? (I would like to share my
> drives only for a few users).

I remember someone posted information on how to manually set access
controls in the registry, you may want to search the archives.

As for the latest CVS code, I've just implemented the necessary RPC
calls and am now testing; will be ready within 24 hours :-)


Matt Chapman
m.chapman at

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