Samba as Resource Domain PDC?

Pedro Miguel Frazao Fernandes Ferreira pfrazao at
Wed Feb 17 15:40:43 GMT 1999

John Morgan Salomon wrote:
> Hi there,
> I suppose it's possible that I missed something in this mailing list's
> archive, but I was wondering whether anyone has succeded in setting
> up Samba 2.0 as a PDC in an NT resource domain?  I'm trying to add
> an NT 4.0 workstation (create a domain account), but it can't find the
> domain in question's PDC (Samba server is currently the only machine
> in there.)

	I have a samba 2.0.2 setup as PDC for a domain. I can add machines to
the domain, setup user roaming profiles, sharing files and printers,
everything ok with password sync/changing and also setup policies to
winnt and 95 client machines/users. Good work folks :)	
> My NT server manager also can't find a PDC for the domain;  after reading
> NTDOMAINS.txt, I got the impression that you couldn't really have an NT
> domain without a PDC?  Am I totally on crack, or could someone give me
> some tips on this?  I'm currently not overly concerned with tuning or
> security, I would just like to get it working of at all possible.
> Thanks,

	I believe there are somethings missing in your smb.conf. Here is an
excerpt from mine:

# Global parameters
        workgroup = <YOUR_GROUP_NAME>
        server string = <just a comment>
        encrypt passwords = Yes
        passwd program = /usr/bin/passwd %u
        passwd chat = *new*password* %n\n *new*password* %n\n *changed*
        unix password sync = Yes
        null passwords = No
        name resolve order = wins bcast lmhosts host
        deadtime = 1
        socket options = TCP_NODELAY IPTOS_THROUGHPUT SO_RCVBUF=4096
        logon path = \\%L\%U\WinProfile
        logon drive = z:
        domain logons = Yes
        logon script = %U.bat      
	os level = 65
        preferred master = Yes
        domain master = Yes   
        wins proxy = No
        wins support = Yes
        debug level = 0   
        message command = csh -c 'xedit %s;rm %s' &
        create mask = 0740
        directory mask = 0750

#	This should be the location for your user scripts and policie files
        path = /usr/local/samba/lib/netlogon
        browseable = No
        writeable = No 
        Guest ok = No  
        locking = No   
        public = No    

        read only = No
        browseable = No
        Guest ok = No 

<More file shares and printer shares would follow>

	Some coments:

	Before going to a NT worstation in order to add it to the domain you
should create a machine account in the machine running samba:

	useradd -u <uid> -g <gid> -d/dev/null -s/bin/false <Machine_name>$
	smbpasswd -a -m <Machine_name>

	Now go to the NT workstation, Control Panel, Network, Click change and
add the machine to the domain.

	Just one more thing: I compiled samba 2.0.2 with -DNTDOMAIN but I am
not shure if this is needed. Hope this helps.


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