Roaming profiles not being updated

Lee E. Hinman hinman at
Wed Feb 17 15:04:24 GMT 1999

We do something a little different since our NT machines are done with
an unattended install we have it run ntrights as one of the last steps.

ntrights.exe -u "Domain Users" +r SeSystemtimePrivilege


> You can use User Manager to grant the 'set the system time' privledge to
> Everyone (in the past, I've had to remove the network cable from the machine
> in order to keep User Manager from crashing because of the various inabilities
> of samba).  But this is equlivent to editing the registry, you need to do it
> on every machine.  I suspose you could put it in a policy file?  Anyone know
> if that would work?
> Andrew Perrin - Demography wrote:
> > Unfortunately it doesn't work in NT because of permission problems -- the
> > standard 'users' group doesn't have permission to change the system time,
> > so putting net time /set /yes in the logon batch file just generates a
> > 'permission denied' message.  (I leave it there anyway so the time gets
> > set whenever an administrator logs in.)  If anybody has advice on how to
> > grant this privilege to users *without* editing 100 registries by hand,
> > I'd be interested.

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