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Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Wed Feb 17 13:55:46 GMT 1999

Darryl Cording wrote:
> Thanks Jerry,
> Unfortuately this is not the problem as the local clients are using
> a FAT filesytem. Another intriguing thing I have noticed which may
> be related is that system policies are only inforced if the user
> is made a "Domain Admin" via the  "domain admin group" parameter.
> Also if the user is not in the domain admin group they get the
> error "...the state of your remembered conections can not be saved"
> when using NET USE commands.

Are you trying to use older profiles?  I have noticed that 
sometimes the ntuser.dat file gets truncated to 32Kb.  At that 
point it is corrupt and should be deleted.

> I guess it is more to do with group access permissions 
> as it seems to affect more than just printing.
> Is this sort of behaviour normal, or do I have broken clients?

Something's not right that's for sure.  This is not normal 

> I guess I could always give all users access to the 
> "Domain Admin" group then enforce stringent policy rules 
> so they don't break thier machines. My worry then would 
> be what backdoors does doing something like this open?

This would be an extremely bad idea in my opinion.

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