smbpasswd and loging in

Bic lex at
Wed Feb 17 12:04:42 GMT 1999

Hi all!

I have at  least two troubles with Samba.
1. When I add NT workstation to domain with
   smbpasswd  -a -m WS1
   it thinks a little and then prints out that I connected to domain
   MIDGXXXXX (the real name of domain is MIDGARD). Here XXXXX are some randomize   characters (possibly stack)
   and after asks passwords and behave itself good
2. When I add NT workstation to domain and reboot it I try to login and
   getting new profile. Fine. After I logging out and try to login again.
   and getting such answer: "Your Enter Bad password  or Name. Test that your sy   mbols are not capitalized... and so on."
   And everything I can do after this  is to login locally and only removing
   this station from domain and adding it to domain  can help...

What should I do?

Cheers, SaLiK.

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