More Network Neighbourhood Problems

Christian Ambach ambach at
Wed Feb 17 10:15:36 GMT 1999

Ken Smith schrieb:
> I'm old to Linux but new to SaMBa and have been experimenting with
> different configurations.  My original SMB install was a redhat RPM but I
> have since downloaded 2.0.0 and installed it the old fashioned way.  Now
> for the problem (smb.conf to follow):
> When I originally installed smb and configured it I had trouble getting the
> smb server to show up in Net Neighbours.  I eventually got it very stable.
> Then I upgraded and presto everything worked great.  Then I noticed that
> the server appeared in Net Neighbours when I first logged on but the first
> time I went into it and then came back out it would disappear from the
> list.  Domain was still there but no server....
> To make a long story short, I have been playing and fiddling with the
> smb.conf and now I can never get the server to appear in the network
> neighbourhhood or via explorer.  I am using Win98 but we have mutlitudes of
> Win95 machines that can not see the server either.  We can all access the
> server using the "\\servername" format on the address line but I really
> miss seeing the icon in network neighbourhood.
> I should point out that when I access the domain via explorer then the
> server icon appears in the left-hand pane under the domain icon but not in
> the right-hand pane.

Did you tell the Windows machines that they are in the Workgroup SAMBA,
if not, they won't see the server in the Network Neighborhood.

Christian Ambach

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