Printing permissions

Darryl Cording darrylc at
Wed Feb 17 01:01:07 GMT 1999

Thanks Jerry, 
Unfortuately this is not the problem as the local clients are using 
a FAT filesytem. Another intriguing thing I have noticed which may 
be related is that system policies are only inforced if the user
is made a "Domain Admin" via the  "domain admin group" parameter.
Also if the user is not in the domain admin group they get the
error "...the state of your remembered conections can not be saved"
when using NET USE commands.

I guess it is more to do with group access permissions as it seems to 
affect more than just printing.

Is this sort of behaviour normal, or do I have broken clients?

Maybe the CVS group functionallity is the way to go. As I have to
rollout a production setup I have been waiting for it to get a bit
more stable before revisting it again. If I could just get some sort 
of consistent group mapping for just "domain admins" and "everyone" else
to work under 2.0, that would be enough for now.

I guess I could always give all users access to the "Domain Admin" group 
then enforce stringent policy rules so they don't break thier machines.
My worry then would be what backdoors does doing something like this open?

I'll keep on battling.
If anybody thinks this is strange behaviour and would like a log file to look
at, just let me know.


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