Roaming profiles not being updated

Andy Bakun abakun at
Tue Feb 16 17:10:16 GMT 1999

You can use User Manager to grant the 'set the system time' privledge to
Everyone (in the past, I've had to remove the network cable from the machine
in order to keep User Manager from crashing because of the various inabilities
of samba).  But this is equlivent to editing the registry, you need to do it
on every machine.  I suspose you could put it in a policy file?  Anyone know
if that would work?

Andrew Perrin - Demography wrote:

> Unfortunately it doesn't work in NT because of permission problems -- the
> standard 'users' group doesn't have permission to change the system time,
> so putting net time /set /yes in the logon batch file just generates a
> 'permission denied' message.  (I leave it there anyway so the time gets
> set whenever an administrator logs in.)  If anybody has advice on how to
> grant this privilege to users *without* editing 100 registries by hand,
> I'd be interested.

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