smbmount problems?

Michael H. Warfield mhw at
Tue Feb 16 17:07:50 GMT 1999

Yan Seiner enscribed thusly:
> I am trying to mount a shared NT directory form the samba server. I keep
> getting the following message:

> mount error: Invalid argument
> Please look at smbmount's manual page for possible reasons

> and the following in the log files

> Feb 16 11:18:51 portia kernel: smb_dont_catch_keepalive:
> server->data_ready == NULL

> I've tried every combination of smbmount commands that I could think
> of.  The mount used to work under 1.9.?; I changed to 2.0.0b5 and it
> quit working....

> my mount command is

> [root at portia /etc]# smbmount //PANDORA/DATA/ /mnt/data -c portia -U user
> -P password

	This is the old syntax for the smbmount program from the smbfs
package.  This syntax is not yet supported by the Samba version of the
smbmount program.  Using the smbmount from Samba, the same command would
be this:

	smbmount //PANDORA/DATA password -U user -n portia -c "mount /mnt/data"

	The smbmount that you were using before did not come from the Samba
package at all.

	If you want to use the old syntax, I currently have a shim script
that translates and calls the appropriate smbmount.smbfs or smbmount.samba
depending on your kernel rev (the two versions are not compatible).

	Go to for more information.

> Was this one of the bugs that was fixed in the production versions?
> Win32 machines can mount the share.
> Also, I continue to have problems with smbadduser.  The -m option simply
> does not seem to work.  I had to create the entry for pandora by hand. 
> After I added pandora, browsing quit working....  I can use find
> computer and see all the shares for the computers it finds, but network
> neighborhood is empty on all machines starting this morning...
> Nevertheless, one of my users remarked that the network has been
> remarkably stable since we dumped NT server and switched to samba ;-)
> TIA,
> Yan

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