password chat and RH5.2

David Bannon D.Bannon at
Sun Feb 14 22:18:12 GMT 1999

At 09:33 AM 13/02/1999 +1100, Jamie ffolliott wrote:
>Password changing apparently works on solaris
>systems, but it's got problems with RedHat 5.x (and i suspect other

I have it working fine on RH5.1, the secret is to be very unspecific with
passwd chat text, only use the minimum and wild cards all around and, very
important, remember RH linux obsession with 'good' passwords ! The change
will fail if you break any one of a hundred odd rules for what a passwd can
be, and samba cannot detect this.

I once suggested that we would be better to have an option to write the
passwds directly and enforce the security rules in samba, at least that way
we could send a sensible message when the passwd is unacceptable.

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