Mac Dave 2.1 and Samba 2.0.0/2.1-pre-alpha don't communicate

Bill Nugent whn at
Sat Feb 13 02:15:12 GMT 1999


I noticed a few posts on this in the Samba archives, I bumped into this 
today and got a little futher than the other folks appeared to.  Dave is 
able to do things expect it doesn't realize it so it gives error messages.

Here are the details:  Domain logins work. When you open up the share you 
see an empty folder with 0K on disk and 0K available.  You can not copy a 
file to the share.  You can create a new folder but Dave gives an error 
message.  The folder is called "untitled folder" as it should be.  
Looking at log level 4 everything appears to work correctly on the Samba 
end from what I can tell.

If you try to create another new folder this is created and called 
"untitled folder 2" but again Dave doesn't know it.  Looking at the log 
Dave queries if  "untitled folder" exists (it does), then it queries if 
"untitled folder 2" exists (it doesn't), Dave then asks for the directory 
to be made and it is but again Dave treats it as an error condition.

Dave was also successful at creating an empty Desktop file (0K) and it 
created the DesktopFolderDB directory with an empty Desktop_DF file in it.

I can send Samba traces if anyone is interested in trying to puzzle this 
out because this is beyond my knowledge level of Samba and free time.


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