passwd chat for RH5.2 with PAM

Simon McCartney simon.mccartney at
Fri Feb 12 20:29:48 GMT 1999

Has anybody got RH5.2 to work with Samba 2.0.2 "unix password sync" option ?

I have never been able to get this to work and I'm becoming convinced that
I'm doing something horredously stupid, so any suggestions or solutions
would be much appreciated.

I always seem to get errors like:

passwd chat = "New*UNIX*password:*" %n\n "*Retype*" %n\n "*updated

[1999/02/12 20:38:26, 100] smbd/chgpasswd.c:talktochild(264)
  talktochild: chatbuf=[New*UNIX*password:* nt domnow
   *Retype* nt domnow
   *updated] responsebuf=[New UNIX password: ]
[1999/02/12 20:38:26, 3] smbd/chgpasswd.c:talktochild(267)
  response 1 incorrect

passwd chat = "*New*" %n\n "*Retype*" %n\n "*updated*"

[1999/02/12 20:28:09, 100] smbd/chgpasswd.c:talktochild(264)
  talktochild: chatbuf=[*New* nt menow
   *Retype* nt menow
   *updated] responsebuf=[New UNIX password: ]
[1999/02/12 20:28:09, 3] smbd/chgpasswd.c:talktochild(267)
  response 1 incorrect


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