Setting up machine$ account

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Fri Feb 12 18:27:36 GMT 1999

Hi there...

... today I tried to follow the docs on NTDomain.txt.

It reads that you have to set an MACHINE$ for each NT-Box who 
tries to connected to a Samba-PDC. It gives an example in 
(smbpasswd -m machine$ passwd)

well.. wenn I try to use smbpasswd with the -m flag, and suplly 
_any_ XYZname it tells me that there is no account like YXZname 
in the system password file :-(.

when I us adduser XYZname and then use smbpasswd it still tells 
me the same... 

I tried to use the $ at the end of the machine-name-string, but 
same result... complains about that the user dosnt exists. :-(

Do I have to write the line for the machine$ user into the 
/private/passwd file by hand... And if yes... in what format???


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