Login problem

Michael S. Hulet hulet at ittc.ukans.edu
Fri Feb 12 14:16:07 GMT 1999

Since Luke fixed the getgrent problem, every morning when I log in I get
this error, "The system can not log you on (C000005B).  Please try again
or consult your system administrator.  I say OK, consult myself and try
again.  It then logs me fine.  I haven't cvs'd since last Wednesday
because this one works so well except this annoyance every morning.  I
am using Samba on a Digital Unix 4.0d.  Also, I had to disable local
group map and domain user map to login.  I don't know if the getgrent
and getgrnam fix was supposed to fix them also.  Just reporting back.  

On Wed, 3 Feb 1999, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:

> i've added some code that caches unix groups to avoid a 2-level "getgrent"
> and "getgrnam" problem that is apparent on some unixen.

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