[Patch] util_pwdb.c for joining domain....

Brian Macy bmacy at sunshinecomputing.com
Thu Feb 11 23:04:32 GMT 1999

>what's your setup?  you're probably right, except that... hm... no, it
>_should_ be getting names from itself BUT of course, smbd hasn't been
>initialised before then so ha ha, yes, it will fail.  oh, except that it's
>not _called_ from smbd so that's ok.
>hang on.  ok, you must start smbd first: then you can start everything
>else (nmbd, smbpasswd etc).

Hmmm... the entire network is pretty simple:
1 Samba Server acting as a PDC (RedHat 5.1x86 box)
1 Samba Server trying to login to the PDC (RedHat 5.2 dual x86 box)
1 Win98 box

Anyways, it's of course the second machine that is giving me the problem.
Both Samba servers are using the latest CVS code (the second machine at
least of today and the first as of a day of so ago). If you tell me which
settings you are interested in I'll be happy to send them to you.

Also... another problem I have. If an NT Workstation is logged into the
Samba domain crashes, I can't get back on the Domain. The Samba server seems
to get and process the login packet (as seen in log.nmb). Anyways, if I log
into the NT Workstation in the local "domain", switch to workgroup, then
switch back to the domain it works fine.

Brian Macy

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