Password less account

Matthew Geier matthew at
Thu Feb 11 20:15:57 GMT 1999

 Does samba support the 'no allow user to change password' flag yet ?.

 I have a 'public' lab - hopefully I can set an empty password so people
can just type <enter> and get access. I want the machines to login and
map drives as a 'dummy' user. I DONT want some wally changing the password
on the dummy account.

 My attempts so far with this have resulted in a machine that auto
logins as a local user to the workstation. Unfortunaly, I now cant 
undo it again - tweekui doesnt have the 'network' tab unless you are
admin, and an ordinary user cant edit the registry. (Ive gone and
set the entire file system to Read for everybody....)

 Any one know of an 'su' type command for NT, before I re-install
this workstation ?.

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