New domain/group maps and localized versions of NT?

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Thu Feb 11 17:19:31 GMT 1999

> smb: \> lookup names \UNFALLCHIRURGIE\Domain Admins
> lookup names \UNFALLCHIRURGIE\Domain Admins

christian, you are using samba 2.0 aren't you?  you will need to use
latest cvs version of rpcclient.  the above command will do this:

lookupsids "names"
lookupsids "\UNFALL..\Domain"
lookupsids "Admins"

which is why you get three responses.

compile cvs head branch version of rpcclient and do this EXACTLY as typed:

smb: \> lookupnames "UNFALLCHIRURGIE\Domain Admins".

then substitute the german version of that name.


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