interesting thing in log.nmb...TCPIP slowdown on some machines.

Dobos Sándor cly at
Wed Feb 10 21:35:53 GMT 1999

I found a letter on the board about the tcpip slowdown on some machines,
which are connected to samba. I met the same thing, but:
I have 3 NT-s, two of them does the next thing: if I start ftp or
telnet, the program starts very slowly. It means, the program dont
appears on the desktop for some tens of seconds! But after about 60 secs
it appears, and works.
The third works fine.
I found the next thing in my log.nmb:
   MBAPLANNING(1) current master browser = BEETHOVEN
    BEETHOVEN 400c9b2b (Beethoven szervere)
    PC1 40011003 ()
    PC3 40011203 ()
    PC2 40011003 ()
This repeats again in "normal" state of operation.
PC3 is the good working machine, and PC1 and PC2 are the bad?
Something relation between telnet-problem and this?
(the above numbers seems like status "bits"...but You know this sure...I

To this problem the previous answer was the bad configuration of DNS.
I dont think that this is the problem.
I checked named, all config files, named mem-cache, the hosts and
lmhosts files, the machines network config... they are the same except
the tcp numbers, but they are consistent in all data-places...

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