Domain logons for NT WS

Greg Dickie greg at
Wed Feb 10 14:14:11 GMT 1999

Hi Bas,

   Unfortunately you do, in fact, have to create a regular UNIX user account
for each workstation. Give them a locked password, a bogus home directory and
shell though, all it needs is the UID and GID.

 Don't blame samba, blame Windoze!


On 10-Feb-99 Bas.Kelderman at wrote:
> I upgraded to samba 2.0.2 yesterday hoping that finally the only NT WS 
> on my network would be able to logon to the domain. I tried adding the 
> machine to the smdpasswd file but when I tried this I constanly got an 
> "user MACHINE$ unknown in system passwd file". I hope that I don't have 
> to create an account for eacht NT WS in the system psswd file?
> The Win9x machines al log on the domain very nicely, logon paths are 
> defined though the profiles are kept in the users home directories 
> (this because users all have their own station and don't, or hardly 
> ever, switch workstation).
> Is there an easy way to get the NT machine to log on to the domain?
> Thanks in advance.
> Bas

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