Bic lex at
Wed Feb 10 13:17:18 GMT 1999


I have some trouble with HEAD branch Samba-2.1.0
I have  installed it and added  my NT workstation in Domain... Everithing looks
good. I took smb.conf from Samba-2.0.0 and have changed something in  it like
domain group map, domain user map and have removed domain groups and so on...
When I tried to login from NT workstation  it says that everiting  is ok
and when it trieing to attemp to existing profile (created by previous version
of Samba. And everything was working with Samba-2.0.0) NT WS show very blue 
display :) and claims that IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error detected in file ntoskrnl.exe

What that may means?

Cheers, SaLiK.

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