Turning OFF Network Profiles Safely

Jamie ffolliott jmeff at engsoc.queensu.ca
Sun Feb 7 22:53:00 GMT 1999

> Is there a key to turn off caching of the profile at all?  So
> it's accessed
> directly off the server instead of downloading it and reuploading it every
> time you log on or off?

Samba only supports roaming profiles currently, but here's a few things to
try out..

*Login to the NTWS, on the System Control Panel, view the Profiles tab, and
"change type" of your profile to a local profile.  I think Samba resets this
however the next time you logon.

*You can disable profile caching on the NTWS to save disk space, meaning the
locally cached copy of the profile is deleted when the user logs out, but
the profile still gets downloaded/reuploaded every time you log on/off.
Take a look in the policy editor for the setting (under Default Computer)
and use a ntconfig.pol in the netlogon share.

*With SP4, you can also disable uploading certain directories within the
profile when the user logs out (eg. Temporary Internet Files, to save
network traffic).  Again, look in the policy editor - it's part of proquota,
which can also set a limit on the size of a user's profile.

*You could try editing the profile paths to map to the server, but I've
never tested that and I'm doubtful it works (let me know if it does!) -  eg.
"Directory"="\\SERVER\Profiles\%USERNAME%\Temporary Internet Files"

"AppData"="\\SERVER\Profiles\%USERNAME%\Application Data"


(note the double-quotes for Cache, Cookies and History values, and
%USERNAME% system variable)

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