Samba 2.0.1 vs. CVS with Domain PDC & TSE

David Bannon D.Bannon at
Sun Feb 7 22:00:20 GMT 1999

At 08:12 PM 06/02/1999 +1100, John Young wrote:
>My question is, I can only get things to work using the CVS
>source from which I
>downloaded on 02 Feb 1999 (three or four days ago).  If I try to
>use the brand-new 2.0.1 distribution, my clients cannot seem to

John, this could be a bug that been hinted at from time to time.  The NT
machines change thier passwd from time to time and installing a new version
resets samba so it wants to use the default one again. This problem crops
up after you have been running one version for some weeks usually, so yours
seems a bit quick .....

If you revert to the older, working version and then copy the binaries in
without using 'make install' things might work. Alternativly, reset each
machine password (smbpasswd -m machine) where 'machine' is the name of each
machine that you want to log on. Then, as admin, remove each machine from
the domain and rejoin. 

Gee, the first option looks good ! I suspect the list may be interested in
what you find.

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