Not in Neighborhood and no login scripts

Chris Wood cwood at
Fri Feb 5 20:10:31 GMT 1999

On Tue, 2 Feb 1999, Chris Wood wrote:

> I've been trying to setup login scripts for users authenticating against
> Samba 2.0 (PDC).  I've heard people mention that win95 needs to be able to
> build the path to the netlogon thus netlogon must have browseable = yes.
> I've tried this without luck (though I can find the server, browse the
> share and run the .bat file manually).
> When I upgraded to Samba 2.0, Samba disappeared from the network
> neighborhood and hasn't come back since.  :)  Could the absense of Samba
> in the 'hood cause the problem of login scripts failing to run?  If so,
> what can I do to get Samba in the neighborhood?

OK, I found the problem I was having (it was silly) and it has raised
another question.

The Problem was on the Win95 machines:
domain = SAMBA
workgroup = workgroup
WINS = IP of SAMBA server

The Win95 machines only see other win95 machines where workgroup =
workgroup even though the machines are in the SAMBA PDC domain and the
WINS server is setup.  The win95 machines cannot see the samba server in
the neighborhood.  If I set workgroup = SAMBA, then it does.

Are the Win95 machines not really using the WINS server for resolution?

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