Turning OFF Network Profiles Safely

David Bannon D.Bannon at latrobe.edu.au
Fri Feb 5 06:17:32 GMT 1999

At 11:58 AM 05/02/1999 +1100, Todd Stiers wrote:
>Roaming profiles are wrecking havoc on my now NT-SERVERLESS
>NT domain :)
>I tried to turn them off by commenting out the "logon path"
>line in the smb.conf and restarting smbd.
It seems that if you do NTDomain you are stuck with domain profiles. You
can tell the workstations not to cache locally, very important if each
computer has a large number of users (ie in a lab). You should also tell
Internet Explorer not to save it (huge) cache. 

In one lab under my care I have a post exec that removes the users profile
off the server after they log off ! Anyone leave things on the desktop and
its lost ! This way the profile is still sent to the server, but at least
it does not grow endlessly.

If the samba team ever decides to make samba do _more_ (rather than just
better) than NT, control of user profiles would be a good place to start.


>IS it safe to comment out the [Profiles] and [netlogon]
>entries to disable roaming profiles? If not, then what is the
>preferred method?

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