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Henry Liao hliao at calstatela.edu
Fri Feb 5 02:12:06 GMT 1999

On Fri, 5 Feb 1999, Chad Cunningham wrote:

] Hi,
] I just got our Solaris machine functioning as an NT Domain
] Controller. Works great, much easier than I expected. But, what is
] the current statis of groups? The docs seem to say you can't do
] it. I want to lock down our NT clients so that users can't modify
] settings or install software. I don't know much about NT, but I
] have been told I need to do this by setting up groups on the NT
] controller, in this case, samba. Is there any way I can do it?
] Chad 
	I have been trying to get Solaris 2.7 or 2.6 to run as NT PDC.
Would you please shed some light on how you have configured yours. The
smb.conf, passwd, smbpasswd would be very helpful.  Are you using the
HEAD or the SAMBA_2_0 branch from CVS?  I tried everything in the
NTDOMAIN FAQ w/o any success.  Any pointer is greatly appreciated.

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