Network Neighborhood is empty

Bryan Harper bryanh at
Thu Feb 4 21:19:53 GMT 1999


I'm new to the Linux/Unix world so if this is not the forum for my
problem kindly point me in the right direction.

Anyway, I have Linux(RedHat 5.2) server with samba(1.9.18p10-3) acting
as a NT domain server everything was working fine until I installed
(or botched up the install of) squid.  Now, when any client be it
win98 or win95 tries to browse the network an error "Unable to browse
Network. The Network is not accessible" pops up.  However, if you use
Start|Find|Computer and type the computer name   you can see the
computer and get to its shares etc.  Network logon and all drive
mappings work fine as well.

What did I mess up?  And how can I fix it?

thanks in advance,


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