Dominic Baines rdab100 at
Tue Feb 2 09:09:02 GMT 1999

Guess wrote:

> Hi all!
> There is a trouble... with interfaces in Samba 2.0.0
> In smb.conf there are:
> [global]
> ..
> inetrfaces =
> ...
> Why Samba sees only the first part if the string 'interfaces' ???

Samba default uses the first interface on a server unless you tell it
otherwise using the 'interfaces' parameter. In this case as you've
incorrectly spelt it the default is to use the eth0 on your box.

If you edit it to become 'interfaces' and restart the smbd and nmbd
services you will see a difference.

I have used this to set up Samba on interfaces eth1-eth2 i.e. not on eth0
for security purposes (different subnet) with some success in the past.


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