System Policy Problems

Jamie ffolliott jmeff at
Tue Feb 2 05:42:08 GMT 1999

> here are the relevant parts of the smb.conf
> [netlogon]
>    comment = TAG DC Automatic Software Downloads
>    preexec = exec /usr/local/samba/bin/ '%L' '%m' '%U'
> '%G' '%a' '%T'
>    path = /usr/local/samba/smb_logins
>    writable = no
>    guest ok = yes
>    create mask = 0775
>    browseable = yes

You'll need: "locking = no" for policies to work.  It's in the ntdom faq ;)

We also have "writable = yes" on our system so we can edit the logon script
and default user profile from a desktop, but that shouldn't be necessary.
Also, "create mask" is redundant if writable is "no".


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