Cached smbpasswd idea.

Richard Kail e8903122 at
Tue Feb 2 00:14:47 GMT 1999

Hello !

I have a problem and a idea to solve it, but before I go and try to
understand the samba source code I want to hear if this would be possible:

The problem:

|    |                      |    
C    L                      PDC

There is a network with some WindowsNT-Clients(C) and a linux box(L) with
samba installed. This LAN is connected via an unreliable 64kbit link(ur)
via routers(R) with a other network, where the PDC lives.

The requirement is, that the user can login on the WindowsNT Client,
authenticated from the PDC. This shouldn't be a problem with
security=domain and password server=BLABLA. 

What worries me is the unreliable 64kbit link. It would be very nive to
have some way to emulate a backup domain controller on the Linux box, so
that users can log in, even if the 64kbit link is dead. 

My idea:

Wouldn't it be possible for samba to write the user/password-equivalents
to a file as they passing by in the security=domain modus ? 

If this is possible, it should also be possible to create a smbpasswd-file
from this information. With this, I may switch the configuration to
"Samba-PDC", if the original PDC isn't available and let the users login.

Comments ?

Kind regards,

"One day, computer power will eventually outstrip demand, and OS engineers
will be free to use friendly languages like LISP again.. until then, I
think we're stuck with C."                         -- Oliver Xymoro

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