System Policy Problems

Jamie ffolliott jmeff at
Mon Feb 1 21:13:04 GMT 1999


We've noticed some eratic behaviour with the NT clients - but the samba
PDC seems to be consistent when used with the default NT workstation
client installs.

First check the case-sensitive name of \\server\netlogon\ntconfig.pol, and
try both "ntconfig.pol" and "Ntconfig.pol".

Next, start up poledit on the NT client, file/open the registry, and check
the "Default Computer" settings.  Under "network", check the remote update
setting - it should be "automatic".  I've noticed that some NT clients
change this to "manual" once they know the location of the policy file
on the server.  (the "manual" option lets you specify a custom location
for the policy file, and that could be a redirect to another policy file 
somewhere else on the network).  Of course, save the change.

good luck,


On Mon, 1 Feb 1999, A J Every wrote:

> -> I have been playing around with the Samba PDC stuff over the last
> -> few months and have been generally impressed with the server's 
> -> functionallity. The only thing I haven't been able to get working 
> -> properly is the policy download from a Samba PDC
> I seem to have erratic behaviour on this one.  I have two totally similar 
> redhat linux machines.  One has basically been cloned from the other.
> They are both running samba beta 4.  One of the domains has its policy working 
> fine. The other will not work at all.  All directory permissions are the same 
> etc. etc.  The smb.conf is the same except the domain name and server name.
> I've tried samba 2.0.0 but this did not solve it either.  I know the netlogon 
> directory can be picked up as my batch file runs on both machines.
> Has anyone suffered similar erratic behaviour ??? Is there a known problem 
> with this ???
> regards
> alan (every).

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