System Policy Problems

A J Every masaje at
Mon Feb 1 17:03:35 GMT 1999

-> > I seem to have erratic behaviour on this one.  I have two totally similar 
-> > redhat linux machines.  One has basically been cloned from the other.

-> does that include the MACHINE.SID file?  if so, this may be part of the
-> problem.

No. I currently have two domains, set up the same (obviously different domain 
names).  Everything including the smb.conf, directory structure etc. was the 
same.  The machine.sids are not the same... this would surely stop me from 
logging on ?

I have a NETLOGON directory with NTConfig.Pol in and a logon script in it. My 
user profiles (stored elsewhere) are read ok, and so is the logon script.  The 
policy is applied in one domain... but not the other.  There are no 
differences between either policy.


alan (every),
University of Bath.

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