Latest CVS version doesn't seem to work

Bill Nugent whn at
Mon Feb 1 16:52:46 GMT 1999

On Monday, Feb 1 1999 at 16:27:56, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:

>> smbpasswd is biting the dust - sorry for the wrong impression.  Here 
>> the stack trace for the command line "bin/smbpasswd -a whn":
>pwdb_smb_map_names() is returning NULL, and then add_smbfilepwd_entry()
>doesn't check for NULL.
>lookup of unix name is failing, do you have a user "whn" in unix password


>  what arrangement do you have for nt->unix mappings?

I assume you mean username but just in case...

  user whn (me) is in /etc/passwd and was attempting to add it
       to private/smbpasswd
  The experimental account is "joe" and that has a dummy entry in
       /etc/passwd and is in private/smbpasswd.

  topelo has DNS entries for and and the mapping. is a connection to an NT 4.0 SP4
  box for testing purposes and is in /etc/hosts.  topelo is the DNS
  primary DNS server for the domain.

  In the production environment there will be no external connectivity.

The files were copied from a functioning 2.0.0 setup on topelo for trying 
to make it into a PDC.

	Thank you,

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