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Mon Feb 1 14:09:35 GMT 1999

oops. that makes sense, sorry.

I normally setenv CFLAGS -n32 before I run
configure so it builds everything n32. Of course this fails when it hits the
po32 target. What is the proper way to do this?


On 01-Feb-99 Andrew Tridgell wrote:
>> 2) the o32 (-32) ABI is hardcoded in the smbwrapper compilation
>> options. This is  evil since most IRIX sites will want -n32 at this
>> point.
> no, look at it more carefully. It builds both -n32 and -32 shared
> libraries (it does assume -n32 is the default tho) and this is needed
> so that old binaries work with smbwrapper. If you look in smbsh.c you
> will see the env variables set to point the dynamic loader at
> different shared libraries based on the binary type.
> strictly we should build -64 libs as well, but we don't because it
> isn't trivial (it requires some different code in wrapped.c)

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