silly things

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Mon Feb 1 13:48:33 GMT 1999

> 2) the o32 (-32) ABI is hardcoded in the smbwrapper compilation
> options. This is  evil since most IRIX sites will want -n32 at this
> point.

no, look at it more carefully. It builds both -n32 and -32 shared
libraries (it does assume -n32 is the default tho) and this is needed
so that old binaries work with smbwrapper. If you look in smbsh.c you
will see the env variables set to point the dynamic loader at
different shared libraries based on the binary type.

strictly we should build -64 libs as well, but we don't because it
isn't trivial (it requires some different code in wrapped.c)

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