Latest CVS version doesn't seem to work

Bill Nugent whn at
Mon Feb 1 11:48:59 GMT 1999

On Monday, Feb 1 1999 at 05:19:53, Matt Chapman wrote:

>> [1999/01/31 09:44:48, 3] smbd/reply.c:reply_sesssetup_and_X(628)
>>   sesssetupX:name=[<8C><8C> <EF>"^^JOE]
>Fixed now.


Thank you!  It is now showing up in the log file correctly but still no 
access (I'm using samba-2.0.0-19990115 generated private/smbpasswd file 
at the moment because of smbpasswd dying.  Not sure if that makes a 

>> When I try to add a user I get a segmentation fault after typing in the
>> new SMB password.
>I can't reproduce this one. I assume you're just using standard 
>Samba and doing smbpasswd -a joe?

Correct.  I don't know the code base so I'm doing distclean builds:  
Download update; make distclean; ./configure; make CFLAGS="-O -g"; make 

>If you can produce a core file (you may need to adjust resource limits, 
on my
>system I do "ulimit -c unlimited"), can you load it into gdb or similar 
>("gdb /path/to/smbd /path/to/core") and produce a backtrace ("bt").

smbpasswd is biting the dust - sorry for the wrong impression.  Here is 
the stack trace for the command line "bin/smbpasswd -a whn":

(gdb) bt
#0  0x805a177 in add_smbfilepwd_entry (newpwd=0x0) at passdb/smbpass.c:279
#1  0x80593a0 in add_smbpwd_entry (newpwd=0xbffff2e0) at 
#2  0x805b5e5 in add_new_user (user_name=0xbffffd98 "whn", uid=1002, 
    trust_account=0, disable_user=0, set_no_password=0, 
    new_p16=0xbffff3c0 "-UE\a}{}*ªÓ´5µ\024\004î\020üÿ¿ø¦\004\b\230ýÿ¿", 
    new_nt_p16=0xbffff3b0 "|SÏ¥ê}\017\233;\226\212 ûQ£õ-UE\a}{}*ªÓ´5µ\024\
004î\020üÿ¿ø¦\004\b\230ýÿ¿") at passdb/smbpasschange.c:52
#3  0x805b694 in local_password_change (user_name=0xbffffd98 "whn", 
    trust_account=0, add_user=1, enable_user=0, disable_user=0, 
    set_no_password=0, new_passwd=0x80b4440 "testing", err_str=0xbffff810 
    err_str_len=1024, msg_str=0xbffff410 "", msg_str_len=1024)
    at passdb/smbpasschange.c:112
#4  0x804a6f8 in password_change (remote_machine=0x0, 
    user_name=0xbffffd98 "whn", old_passwd=0x0, 
    new_passwd=0x80b4440 "testing", add_user=1, enable_user=0, 
    set_no_password=0, trust_account=0) at utils/smbpasswd.c:245
#5  0x804ab33 in process_root (argc=3, argv=0xbffffcac)
    at utils/smbpasswd.c:427
#6  0x804aeab in main (argc=3, argv=0xbffffcac) at utils/smbpasswd.c:592

private/smbpasswd is unchanged.  Let me know if you any of the log files. 
 I appreciate the assistance!

	Thank you,

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