Krawietz pkrawczyk at pol.pl
Thu Dec 30 19:16:03 GMT 1999

> the problem was the "@" this is VERY important.
> so after restarting nmbd and smbd everything worked fine
> (the unix-group wadm including some users had now administrativ privileges
> on the NT-box.
> Don't mind if on the NT-side is shown "Konto-Unbekannt" it works!

that post was helpful
I've got  super user privileges in my domain.

When I'm trying to change permissions for the share on NT Server
in "Add Users and Groups" box I get messagebox  "The tag is invalid"("Windows
NT" title) after click "show users"  then users from my domain appears . I can
add them and everything is OK. But when I'm trying to change something with
permissions once again I can not see the user's names. Instead there is "
Account Unknown" but permissions for particular user seem to work correctly.

The next issue is:
Opening "User MAnager for Domains" I can not read domain's members at all I only obtain messagebox:
"A remote procedure call (RPC) protocol error occurred. Do you want to select another domain to administer?"

Please Help me

Best regards

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