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Stefano Colombo s_colombo at
Wed Dec 29 16:22:42 GMT 1999

	I don't know if this is possible or already done before , but asking
does cost nothing :-)

	I did setup a guest user which must have no password , so I manually
edited the apfs's password field in the private/smbpasswd file and set it to

	Now I mapped several windows users to the apsf guest user in the file 
	These windows users , which are both 9x and NT , however have each a
different "windows" password so it seems they are not able to be
authenticated by the samba server .
	Infact in the log files I can see the user apsf is rejected, because
the password didn't match.

	I thought that setting the user apsf without password would have
been enough , I remembered to add the null passwords = yes in the smb.conf .

	It seems that something is wrong with the null password
	Can anyone help 
	happy new year to all 

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