Can't access Samba page

Roger D. roger at
Tue Dec 28 15:48:10 GMT 1999

At Internet Architect we are looking to expand our learning and training
content into the LINUX/SAMBA area and would partner with content/source

We would be willing to place your content or other content provider pages,
provided it meets certain requirements (basically that the content be useful
to us, e-mail me for details), on our Internet University
ite( ) or Technical Help pages ) at no cost to you or those who wish to access the

We are currently on a low bandwidth T1 connection but, Internet Architect
(the host provider) will be moving to a new facility in January with a
dedicated UUNET T3 connection and mirrored servers.

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From: Alexej Kupin <Alexej.Kupin at>
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Date: Tuesday, December 28, 1999 10:08 AM
Subject: Re: Can't access Samba page

>Hi Donald, hello samba-people
>the URL(
>of my Samba-Page is a free-webspace provider server...
>It seems to me, that this web-server is down
>(may be temporary, may be because of the Y2K!)
>Anyway it was working today in the morning(german time)
>then I found that some of my directories(>5MB) has been
>removed or dated to "01 Jan" and not accesable any more.
>Well I wrote a SOS-letter to the provider,
>and now they web-server is totally down!
>I want to put my samba-page on an better location
>(= without provider-frames!)

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