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Alexej Kupin Alexej.Kupin at
Tue Dec 28 15:04:09 GMT 1999

Hi Donald, hello samba-people

the URL( 
of my Samba-Page is a free-webspace provider server...

It seems to me, that this web-server is down 
(may be temporary, may be because of the Y2K!)

Anyway it was working today in the morning(german time)
then I found that some of my directories(>5MB) has been
removed or dated to "01 Jan" and not accesable any more.

Well I wrote a SOS-letter to the provider, 
and now they web-server is totally down!

I want to put my samba-page on an better location
(= without provider-frames!)

Last week over 400 Samba-users visited my page,
and I recieved very positive feedback...
May be someone from Samba-team will help me?

regards Alexej

jsdti at schrieb:
> Hello Mr. Kupin
> I read about your webpage in Kernel Cousin Samba but I cannot access the
> URL. Is there some problem with the site? I would really like to read this
> information.
> Feel free to email the information to me if possible.
> Thank you.
> Donald Walker
> System admin.
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> Trinidad, West Indies
> Tel:    868-625-1511,625-1512,625-1513,625-1514,625-9939
> Fax:    868-625-9939
> Email:  jsdti at, webmaster at
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