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Chavous P. Camp maillist at
Fri Dec 24 04:56:07 GMT 1999

Merry Christmas everyone. I'm new to the list as I just started setting up a
samba PDC today (Thursday 23 December). I have everything working except one

In the current CVS tree (or even in distrib. 2.0.6) (I have tried both)

HOW do I give domain admin status to a user or group?

I tried the newest CVS build and neither
domain admin group
domain group map
parameters in the smb.conf file worked.

every time I tried to run server manager, I got "access denied" and every
time I tried user manager for domains I got
"A Remote Procedure Call (RPC) protocol error occurred. Do you want to
select another domain...."
Any ideas?

I set the debug level to 20 and monitored the output - every time domain
group map would be recorded as an invalid parameter, and domain admin group
would just be ignored (I could not find any reference to it in the log files
as being processed, rejected, or otherwise.

Thanks and have a great Holiday!

Chavous P. Camp
chavousc at
NuDay Media, Inc.
Columbia, SC

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