Administrator Woes

Ulf Mehlig umehlig at
Wed Dec 22 19:19:41 GMT 1999

Craig Kelley <ink at> wrote:

 > smb.conf has:
 >    domain admin users = administrator root
 >    domain admin group = ntadmins root
 > Root can login on any machine and have administrator rights.  The
 > 'administrator' is just a normal user (has no administrative
 > rights). I've re-created the Administrator user several times,
 > varying the parameters (I even made the Administrator UID 0 to see
 > if that had an effect!).

Maybe "administrator" is a bit too long a name for a unix user?  We
have even more than one nt admin group ("ntadm", "netadmin" and the
like), and "root" is not a member of any of them.  I also do not
specify the extra "domain admin user" parameter; just "... group" is
sufficient to let the groups' members be nt domain admins. We are
using 2.06 now, but it worked with 2.05a, too.


< from "smb.conf" > -------------------------------------------------

   domain admin group = ntadm,netadmin # both are regular unix groups
   domain logons = Yes
   logon path = \\%N\profiles\%U
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