Confused, HEAD or SAMBA_TNG

Michael Glauche mg at
Wed Dec 22 11:17:10 GMT 1999

Seth Vidal wrote:
> > I'm a bit confused. For the PDC code, which I assumed to be in both the
> > 2.1 and the 3.0 versions, which tree do I have to chech out?
> > SAMBA_TNG or just the HEAD branch? Which is which; SAMBA_TNG = 2.1 or 3.0?
> > I assume TNG stands for The Next/New Generation? This also implying that
> > this is the 3.0 version?
> I think it should also imply that it will use new tetrion beam
> transmissions and should regularly beam people to and fro'.


> I would also like to know the distinction.
> >From what I've seen it appears to be that TNG includes the changes that
> LKCL has been adding to break up the smbd/nmbd processes into many smaller
> processes and the ability to control said processes from NT. But I'm not
> certain of this.

IIRC at the moment the only branch that supports PDC is the SAMBA_TNG
which was the old 2.1.0-prealpha branch. The only problem is, that LKCL
many changes to it in the last few weeks, and some ppl got problems
it (including myself :)

But, if I recall it correctly (correct me if I'm wrong) the current
(which is basicly the old 2.0.x branch) will get the "old" PDC code
soon. (i.e
someone is merging them)


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